Ready to lead and develop our future research within the field of human and regulatory toxicology?

Do you want to lead and develop our future research within the field of human and regulatory toxicology? NILU is seeking a highly motivated senior scientist, with a strong scientific track record in human toxicology. As senior scientist, you will take a leading role in further developing the research field of human hazard and risk assessment.


NILU offers a permanent position for a senior scientist at the Health Effects Laboratory of the Department of Environmental Chemistry. Our department is dedicated to promoting a healthy and pollution-free environment and driving the transition to a greener future. We conduct project-based research and lead the way in human toxicology and environmental chemistry. Our focus areas include studying the risks and hazards associated with chemicals, advanced materials, and managing organic and inorganic contaminants in the environment. We provide state-of-the-art facilities, including Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) certified and ISO accredited laboratories, to support your scientific program. Our research portfolio includes prestigious national and international projects, and as a Senior Scientist, you will also have opportunities to engage in international forums.

The Health Effects Laboratory team does in vitro toxicity testing for hazard identification and characterization of chemicals and particulate matter, with focus so far on nano- and advanced materials. The main research areas are genotoxicity, mutagenicity, and carcinogenicity, as well as advanced models.

We are seeking a candidate with a wide scientific network and a strong scientific track record to help solidify NILU’s position as a leading research institute. You will use your toxicological expertise to develop, acquire and implement research projects in the field. We are seeking someone who is motivated to push the boundaries of the field and is passionate about making a difference by sharing their scientific findings with the public. You will contribute significantly to advancing the research field as a whole and acquiring new projects for NILU


  • PhD in toxicology or other relevant field (e.g. cell biology, molecular biology)
  • Several years of relevant experience, with a large international scientific network
  • Expertise in regulatory toxicology, human hazard and risk assessment, NAMs, AOPs, IATA, NGRA, and SSbD
  • A strong scientific track record and extensive experience in successful acquisition, implementation, management and dissemination of international projects
  • Skilled in writing funding proposals, reports and scientific papers
  • Proficiency in English. Norwegian is not a requirement, but we recommend that the successful candidate focuses on learning the language (spoken and written) after appointment.

We collaborate extensively with national and international research institutes and universities, which may involve some travel as part of the job. The position is permanent and located at NILUs office in Kjeller, in the outskirts of Oslo. 

Personal characteristics:

  • Result-oriented and with a strong position in the research field
  • A scientifically creative and flexible team player
  • A true networker and collaborator
  • An efficient, systematic and structured “doer”
  • Able to take responsibility and initiatives to develop, acquire, manage, implement, and disseminate new research projects.
  • Skilled with and comfortable disseminating results both written and orally
  • Thriving on keeping a high work pace
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