International Comet Assay Working Group

Dear EEMGS/IAEMGS society members,

We are thrilled to announce that the European Environmental Mutagenesis and Genomics Society (EEMGS) has initiated an ICAWG (International Comet Assay Working Group) special interest group within the society.

Who are we?
ICAWG was created by hCOMET COST-Action (CA15132) members and organisers of the International Comet Assay Workshops (ICAW), a series of scientific conferences dealing with practical and theoretical aspects of the comet assay, aimed at both experienced and new users of this popular technique.

About us!
ICAWG exists to unite scientists working in the field of genetic toxicology, DNA damage and DNA repair with interest in the comet assay. It encompasses research into the mode-of-action of genotoxic agents and associations of genome instability markers with disease outcomes, and applications of this knowledge in the field of regulatory toxicology, biomonitoring studies, (nutritional) interventions as well as clinical studies. Studies into the impact of genotoxic agents on genome stability in organisms other than man – a field known as eco/genotoxicology – is also gaining attention. ICAWG aims to foster multi-disciplinary links between academics, industry and regulatory bodies. Such multi-disciplinary collaborations have helped regulation to keep up with the science and to develop new in vitro models and techniques for genotoxicity testing.

How to Join?

  1. As Page Viewer
    Anyone practicing or with an interest in genetic toxicology, and wanting to join ICAWG discussions and question forum, can sign up as a free member here:
  2. As Full ICAW member
    In order to become a full ICAWG member you will have to join the EEMGS/IAEMGS first. You can become an EEMGS/IAEMGS member either through your local national society or as an individual member:,

Where can I find more information?
You can find more at our newly launched website:

We look forward to welcoming you to our group!

Best wishes,

Goran Gajski


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