47th EEMGS Annual Meeting

The 47th EEMGS meeting will be held in Rennes, France, from 19th to the 23th of May 2019. As the capital of Brittany, Rennes is the beating heart of the regional economy.

Boasting international reach, Rennes in the largest higher education centre in the north-west of France, with 66,000 students. Working closely with businesses and with over 5,000 researchers, this ecosystem fuels high-level research and innovation. Just 90 minutes from Paris and less than hour from both Saint-Malo and bay of Mont Saint-Michel.

Ranked as the best French city for quality of life by a European study, Rennes is reputed for its rich cultural calendar, the diversity of its heritage, its contemporary art programme and its vibrant student scene.

The capital of Brittany is easily accessible from all European capitals thanks to the many destinations offered by its airport. Only 90 minutes from Paris via the upgraded high-speed rail link (LGV).

Programme overview

The EEMGS Annual Meeting is focused on bringing together basic, clinical, and regulatory scientists to bridge the translation research aimed at understanding and mitigating environmental threats to the genome and to the epigenome.

Our dynamic and interactive meetings are designed to promote the Society’s mission to foster scientific research, education, and collaboration with a focus on issues pertinent to genomic stability. Emphasis areas include DNA damage, DNA repair, mutagenesis, heritable effects, and epigenetic alterations in genome function. Additionally, the EEMGS aims to promote the application and communication of knowledge relevant to genetic toxicology testing, risk assessment, and regulatory policy-making to protect human health and the environment.

The EEMGS Annual Meeting has been creating opportunities for new investigators to join a welcoming community of scientists working in research institutions, regulatory agencies, and industry, all with a shared commitment toward public health. EEMGS a major focus on supporting the next generation of scientists through both formal and informal activities throughout the meeting.

Selected abstracts will be chosen for oral presentations. Poster sessions will be held and we kindly invite all participants to submit their work for any kind of presentation. Participation of young scientists is particularly encouraged, and we offer reduced conference fees and invite to apply for travel bursaries.

A core element of exchange and scientific discussions is to hold regular scientific meetings, on the level of both SFTG and EEMGS. The 2019 annual EEMGS meeting will be held at the High Public School (EHESP) of Rennes, France. An exciting and relevant scientific program is being put together with the following main topics:

  • DNA repair and chromosomal integrity
  • Genotoxicity of nanomaterials
  • Advance in Radiotoxicology
  • High Content Screening in Genotoxicity
  • Mixture effects
  • New in vitro models in genotoxicology
  • Epigenotoxicology and transgenerational effects
  • Advances in genotoxicity testing
  • Mutational signatures
  • Adductomics
  • Mechanism of carcinogenesis

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